Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sometimes You Get Lucky

Some days the cards are falling your way. Some days they are not. Things have been rather dark lately and at times I was not even sure I should dare to hope for a change of my luck. But from the beginning of 2010 there seemed some glimmers of a possible change of luck. Small in the beginning - like I made it through the winter with bills paid. And then DSL fiber optic lines arrived at the top of the hill and I could drop the expensive satellite (and troublesome).

Then I landed the commission for a painting. Not money in my pocket but on the horizon. And then the special order for the koi mask. But so I would not get cocky everything did not move that smoothly or rapidly on either of those. And expenses I had not considered seemed to balance the unexpected income. My prospects had been dismal for so long I was finding it difficult to appreciate what was happening.

Taxes loomed. I nervously accumulated all the receipts and tax documents. A couple years ago I had to pay an unbelievable sum to the IRS so I don't do taxes joyfully. And I was relating that to a friend when she said I might be able to go back and file an amended return for that year. I mentioned it to my CPA and YES! Not getting all I paid in back but a nice chunk. Still Dad always said to never count your winnings before you left the table. But when that check arrives I will at last get the LCD TV I want. And the rest will go into savings.

If nothing else the events of the last couple of months has led me to feel a bit luckier. Sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes the bug. Feeling a lot less like the bug. Let's hope that bodes well for the judicial ruling on the court case.

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