Sunday, April 4, 2010

Looking Forward and Back

I named this particular blog Side-Tracked Charley because my life had taken a turn I had not anticipated. The contractor I had hired in August 2006 for an estimated $17,000 job threw me for a loop two years ago by claiming I owed him another $21,600 over and above the $33,000 plus already paid to him. He wants to take my house to pay the debt that in my opinion he has never proved. Tomorrow, win or lose, it will be over I hope. But I have thought that before.

This Easter weekend I have been looking at the sidetrack I have been on for two years. And not just the legal side but the stall it has put on my plans - my life. I am generally not one to blame outside issues on my problems but in this particular case their are some definite cause and effects. He took all my money and so I have not been able to move forward on any of my remodeling plans or even finish the deck to the studio I paid and arm and leg for.

Nor if I had the money would I be able to find the motivation to pour into a home I may lose by public auction. At times I even have trouble committing to events more than a month in the future. I was talking to a friend at the visitor's center about workshop promotion but how can I promote an event to be held in a studio I may not own soon. I am even afraid to leave my house for a fair as he has been driving by from time to time.

My sister is busy planning the Moab trip for May and I should be excited and anxious to go and take more pictures of canyons and arches to paint but I don't know that I will have a home to come back to. I don't know if the court trial won't be over tomorrow and postponed to when we are scheduled to be gone. And it is highly likely when I leave the judge won't have rendered a verdict and I will still be in limbo. My life still on hold.

It reminds me a bit of the Mad Hatter's tea party. I have no idea why a raven is like a writing desk. Or why I am even at this back eddy in my life.


  1. The whole thing is disgusting Jacqui,and I can only imagine the state I would be in if this happened to me,I would just fold up I am quite sure of that.
    But you Jacqui you have kept your head held high above the water..and you are going to survive it all,and I am so sure it is all going to be good for you.
    Today you just have a beautiful day,and try to completely eradicate it from your mind even if for just awhile.
    Tomorrow go into that Court, holding your head high,you have done nothing wrong, all will be revealed,the truth always does.
    I wish you well Jacs,love for tomorrow,go there knowing this little group of people are all behind you and we all sending our positive thoughts your way.

  2. I hope it all went well for you Jacqui and justice was served! I know this has been an immense worry for you and I bristle thinking of the presumptuousness and unfairness of it all!


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