Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee - Next to Last Monday in April

April! I have been trying to loose weight and I have gained. I have planned to be ahead and I am behind. I wanted the lawsuit to be over and it continues to August. So frustrated as only Francis Bacon's art can make me feel I woke this morning to face the too short days remaining before I depart determined to focus on what I had achieved this month - not what remains to be done.

I have gotten the taxes done. And I am going to have a nice refund check waiting for me when I return from Moab. Yesterday I covered the last of the white canvas on my 26" by 62" painting. I finished my triptych - Tres Cruces. I have been accepted in two summer fairs and when I return home I will have 11 paintings to frame for those exhibits.

I have switched from my satellite ISP, which was increasingly unreliable, to DSL for Internet. I have been on a seek and find deployment around the house locating camping gear and summer clothes for the Moab trip. I have celebrated the spring weather by washing and hanging out on line all the winter bedding. And buffed and fluffed two Oodles (a poodle and a doodle). Okay, Mardi still needs some finishing work on those paws. And Magique needs her claws clipped.

I have twelve more days! I need to take that todo list one item at a time.

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  1. I admire your ability to stay positive in teh face of challenges.
    Good stock taking. There is always more to be done.


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