Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Foggy Dawn

I was hanging out a load of wash yesterday morning in the fog. Time was short and I had tons to do in very little time so when I looked up to see this view of the sun coming over the mountain and through the fog I told myself I did not have time to run back into the house, find the camera and immortalize this scene.

The do-bee was having major subconscious debates with my more laid back muse who eventually won. I got the camera and re-emerged on the porch sure the scene would be forever altered and I would curse taking the time for nothing. Sometimes you win one. Actually, yesterday I probably won more than I lost. That is not bad for a day in the middle of Mercury in Retrograde. I am just too tired to totally appreciate everything that did go right. Give me a day or so and I will probably bore you with the not-so-instant replays.

I had a spiritual adviser at one time that said it was never wise to brag about the miracles that happen in your life. Be appreciative and say a private thanks but don't shout it to the roof tops because it might crash down on you. It is rather like a foggy dawn. Just absolutely fantastic but very underplayed.


  1. Love the photo Jacqs. Very mysterious.

  2. Not sure I agree with your spiritual adviser. If it's a miracle then it's a gift and gifts are better shared.

  3. By passing it on or paying forward. Share by example.


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