Monday, October 29, 2012

After The Ball

After the Ball by John Silver

Tired but happy this morning back in my Black Lake residence. Away from the sometimes maddening crowd of the Willow Manor Masked Ball. I live such a solitary and reclusive life as an artist that meeting and greeting all those people was exhausting. But it left me with many wonderful memories to fill my days. There is unpacking to do but for now I just want to sit and sip my coffee, and sort through the grand moments.

Must thank my hostess, Tess Kincaid, for the wonderful hospitality. And all the other attendees for wonderful inspiration. Find myself already planning for next year.

Johnny had to get back to Monument Valley for some additional takes on The Lone Ranger. Our pilot dropped off him and early and they flew me over the monuments as the sun was just beginning to strike them. There had been a snow yesterday.

The Angel Fire airport was a cold and desolate place. But it was only six miles from home and my fur kids. Hope all the other attendees made it home safely. Especially those with homes on the east coast in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

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  1. Fantastic post is what I think Babe. Always great when you get home though.


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