Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October 1st

Country Roads
I love fall. I love the way it looks and how it smells, the clarity of the air and the brightness of the light. If only summer and not winter followed it I would be in absolute heaven. We are currently being treated to a wetter than normal fall which would be good given a drier than normal summer. But it seems to bode a wetter and colder winter. And I am not ready for that. I want my Indian Summer. Seems layering of coats and hoodies is beginning early.

My photographer friend came by for some greens yesterday and I surveyed the remains of the garden. The good news is that without the poly tunnel I would have already cleared and mulched. But the oregano is going great as are the mustard greens and Swiss chard. I even had Romaine lettuce looking good. This means I have extended my growing season from 100 to 150 days. Next summer I can plan my garden around that. And with the right plants at the right time maybe even lengthen the season some more.

Soon time to mulch the beds, roll up the hoses, bring the container gardens inside, winterize the mowers, lay in firewood, get new windshield wipers on the car. Summer is over and I have not done half the things I had intended. Forecasts are for more snow this winter as I stated before. I even went upstairs and located the snow shoes. In the winter of 2006, are last really bad one, I had stored them in the garden shed which I could not get to without snow shoes nor open the doors if I had.

But I have enjoyed my summer and fall. I have taken lots of photographs and walks. Been successful on my garden experiment. I got an artists guild formed. I had more time without doing the art fairs and I admit to just plain wasting some of that time. It felt good to be idle a bit. I took on more pet sitting clients but painted less. But what I painted was what I wanted to paint. I think that is very important.

I have to rehang the show at the Angel Fire Visitors Center today and then it is back to the abandoned painting I was working on and some selected tasks not done over the summer as planned. Hopefully there is still an Indian Summer to be had.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I'm glad you have had a good summer and done so much that you wanted to do. I'm very impressed with y herb gardens. Have you any idea how much a Romaine lettuce costs here?? Take out a mortgage type money!

    One thing I do miss apart from the changing colours, is the air of autumn - the provocative scent that's always in the air. I don't miss winter bur we're having such a horrid rainy season, that it makes a British winter seem positively inviting.

  2. Fall has worked her magic on me also...a most welcome reprieve from the horribly hot summer here in the SE.
    Although I grieve the loss of longer days, I do love the seasonal in each season.
    Happy Fall Jackie!

  3. You sound peaceful, that's great. We have touches of fall that wouldn't be seen by anyone not living here quite a while. It's still hot, but we've had a first tease of cooler temps last week. It's on it's way. I don't like the early darkness, it's dusk around 7PM now, with the time change it will be worse. Hope you get your things done you need to before the cold weather arrives.

  4. I am above all a spring and summer lover, but am glad to have a chance to see your beautiful fall through pictures. Love that glow!

  5. That sounds like a great summer! So glad you had such a good season, you had your tough times...


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