Monday, October 29, 2012

Moody Monday

Full blood moon tonight so maybe that is the reason I feel moody and am having trouble getting motivated. Or maybe it what all the work on my to-be-done-before-winter list yesterday. Or maybe it is that 1/3 of the United States in under siege by a hurricane named Sandy.

I find myself thinking of Star Wars and Obi One saying there was a disturbance in the force. And Sandy colliding with the cold front that passed over us is a huge disturbance. The two of them are creating a super storm that will go down in the history books. It is peaceful here in my mountain home but that seems like a lie given what is happening on the eastern seaboard.

The house feels chilly and I do not seem to be able to warm up but the thermometer says that is all in my mind. I am brewing myself yet another cup of hot tea and pulled another afghan over my lap and I sit at the computer - life line to what is happening outside my bubble.

Nice to live in an area where there are no hurricanes or tornadoes or earthquakes of much note. Drought and firestorms because of that drought seem small in comparison to what New York is going through right now. A Facebook friend is reporting on falling cranes because of the winds that have not reached their peaks yet. If I had the power I would transport everyone out of there. Even the preacher that says this is happening because of our tolerance about gay marriage.

I do not want to know such a god as that.

A neighbor gave me some apples. And I was thinking of baking a crisp. Why do I medicate my moodiness with baking? It isn't even the eating. Just the cooking seems to lift my spirits.


  1. The moon Has that effect on me too, all one can do is go with the flow. It is nice to know you are safe from the nasty weather over there.

  2. I wish I'd seen this before. I've been moody all week so today Friday stayed home after deciding that I really wasn't feeling very well and that I could just as easily do the work from here rather than inch my way through traffic in temperatures of almost 100 degrees only to get even more frustrated when I arrived there. At lunch time the throat has eased but have actually been fighting this off since Monday.

    Sandy was dreadful but you know my take on hurricanes.

    I'd have left the preacher there - not very Christian I know!

  3. I can think of worse medicines than apple crisps. The doing and the smelling are what does it. Strange world we live in, with all that connectivity. Is your drought still happening? When I left we had to be careful with water, but ther well has been filling since then.

  4. Yes, the drought is still happening and looks like through November. My well is beautifully placed in a rising aquifer by a now deceased driller that was part water witch.


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