Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh, joy! The perfect date!

Johnny Depp has accepted my invitation. But which Johnny Depp will show up - Captain Jack Sparrow or Tonto or just Johnny if there is such a thing. So now my gown for the event has to be perfect. And just when I think I have the decision made I find another possibility like this beautiful vintage satin gown below.

I absolutely love the train on it, and the below waist stitching to cut down on flounce. And unlike my other two top runners it seems to allow more room to breathe. And no hoops to manage. Though I spent enough time with hoops during one theatrical production to be able to know the ends and out of them.

And then there is this wonderful vintage reproduction. But knowing klutz me I would probably be snagging bracelet and purse on the detailing at the waist not to mention the delicate netting over the skirt. All together better for a more delicate person.

Giving the gown below another look because of its simple lines, the detailing of the capped sleeves, and contrast color below the bust line to draw attention up. And it is taffeta. I love the sound that taffeta makes. I could wear white gloves with this one.

And I do not seem to be able to delete this one from my choices. But I would go with black satin long gloves instead of the wrapped ribbon. Time is getting short. I really must make up my mind. Our hostess Tess Kincaid is wearing a wonderful blood red gown.


  1. Now I'm in a fix about your gowns. I love the new one you found.

  2. You chose the best one in the end.


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