Thursday, October 25, 2012

Packing Light????

Obviously this dress with hoops will not fit in my standard luggage set. Nor with another possible choice below either.

For getting to the masked ball at Willow Manor I considered the advantages of an old steamer trunk. I actually have several that I have rescued from yard sales and antique shops. One I used for years in my days in a traveling troop of performers. I think it is time to rescue it from the storage shed and work on restoring it this winter like the one below.

This would be my first choice if our Masked ball was to be on a cruise ship. Or if I was traveling there by train. But alas I have to pare it down for air travel. Wonder what American Airlines would charge in over fees for this baby? So I am setting for something far more practical for my gown and accessories - this wonderful gown length destination bag.

And for the mask I choose I have gone back to my love of vintage with this fabulous hat box. I figure among the feathers I can pack some of my accessories like shoes and evening bag. But I must have my camera. Never go anywhere without my camera which always brings up those carry on restrictions so I am going with a bag by Epiphanie

This one has plenty of room for tablet, camera, makeup, cell phone, jewelry, and travel snacks. Just what the well organized photographer needs. Okay, so I am not well organized. I can pretend.


  1. Wow...GORGEOUS! I can see that you travel in style!

  2. Everything is perfect right down to the luggage. I prefer the first dress hoops or no hoops.

    You;re far better organized than I am! I haven't even looked at masks yet!


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