Sunday, July 4, 2010

All Quiet on the Western Front

I was out and about yesterday among the people. The occasion was the Shuter Library Trash and Treasures Sale to raise funds to support it. It is one of the major events of the calendar year for us locals and is gradually being discovered by the tourists as well. While looking for great bargains in used items you have to meet and greet all the locals and part time residents and renew bonds with hugs and hellos.

But the treasure finding is the primary purpose and I came home with a lovely jute rug for the kitchen, a new comforter set for the bedroom, two nice coffee mugs, some sweats for painting in the studio, a cute leather purse, and some nice practically new hiking pants. All that was the practical side.

On my more frivolous side I got some nice rhinestone dangle earrings and shoe clips. No, I have not gone uptown. I love using such things on vests and jackets and hat. I like rhinestones and denim. Always have. And I am found of silver serving dishes for much the same reason. I like to place them around the studio next to serviceable ceramic bowls, etc. Or use them to serve noshes at gallery fetes. In that category I found two nice treasures to be given pride of place here and there.

I came home and unpacked my finds and put them about then I crashed. Too many people. I really can only do that sort of thing in short spurts. Today I may close myself into the studio and just paint as I should. Seems the gallery yesterday sold two paintings. That is nice for both me and the gallery.

With any kind of luck I can enjoy three to four days of quiet before it is time to launch into my public persona again with Artsfest. I can nurture my loner inside and be once again thrilled I live out of town. The fur kids hate fireworks as much as they hate thunder and lightning so they are hiding under the desk and the bed this weekend. I am hiding in my studio.

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