Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Progress - sort of.

Steps are gone. Well, I took them down but they are still in a pile waiting to be hauled away by me.
Part of the whole problem was that these concrete blocks were in the wrong place. The stairs didn't even end on them but on the dirt where they leached up water and rotted. I am sure the ones on my side are in just as bad shape. So when I went for lumber today I got enough for both sets of steps.

The concrete slabs in their new location. Note the stair stringers will actually rest on them. The concrete slabs were entirely too heavy to lift so I had to use the digging bar and shovel to move them tiny inches at a time. And get them leveled out by putting dirt underneath them. This had to be the most exhausting job. I really think the rest should be easier but I know I am going to be sore tomorrow and I was out of Aleve. So while at the lumber yard getting the redwood for the stairs and railings I went to the store and got some Aleve. Note for hardware stores: Start stocking the standard pain meds and Bengay.

The sky clouded up and looked like rain after I got back from the hardware store. So the lumber is all still there until tomorrow morning. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will make some substantial progress. 

The DeWalt service center called and my saw is repaired. And for less than the initial estimate. But the steps are going to have to be done before I can pick it up. So it is band saw and circular saw to complete at least the apartment side.

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