Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey, there are steps on my stairs

I am just a little embarrassed at how long this morning it took me to get to this place. First the car needed to be unloaded. This is where the redwood for the stairs were. Then practically every tool I own had to be located and hauled to the other side. The ladder on the right side was my solution to having to go completely around the house for everything I needed. Duh, there were no steps here.

And the stringers and the posts all had to be leveled in multiple directions and then double checked. Won't do to have sloping steps.

That is Magique at the top of the steps. She was the first one up and down them. And yes I know the second forth steps are longer. It is actually a design idea I had. The safety rails will be just to the outside of the stringers and those two steps will jut out beyond the rail to hold flower pots.

I was racing a storm at this point and so forgot to shorten the center 2x4 of the last step for the post for the safety rail, so it has to come off tomorrow and be modified. Big huge drops of rain began to fall and I raced to get all my tools back inside before it came down in buckets ending progress for the day.

Tomorrow - safety rails.

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  1. I'm so behind in my blog reading, but I saw this on FB. I love this design. And you mentioned a new tenant? Congrats on that! Love these progress shots.


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