Saturday, July 17, 2010

Always nice when the job is done

The New Flight of Redwood Steps

Side View
The bottom stringer is relatively high and the uprights short to allow snow to be shoved off to the side in the winter. I used the scrap I created with mismeasurements  to cut the uprights.

I at last solved the problem of getting the bottom rail stringer cut to the correct length. And after pondering the problem for a while I came up with the solution of the missing second pair of hands to put it into place. This is one reason I maintain that Harriet Homeowners are smarter than contractors as they don't come with a dumb helper. And this puts them over husbands too because they don't get any response when they yell, "Honey, hold this."

My framing clamps holding up the bottom of the stringer.

Some carpentry jobs seem to require that you be in two places at a time. It was one of the reasons I had so many problems with getting the correct measurement for this critical piece. And it was clear with my DeWalt 18V in one hand, screw in the other I was going to have a problem holding this piece in place to secure it. Fortunately because of the angle if the bottom is securely held with the clamps the top remains in place to be screwed.

Round of applause please, she says while taking bows.


  1. yaaaaay! Great Job ! I didn't know the part about the snow. Also, didn't know why you picked the wood that you picked. I see why now.

  2. Waste Not, Want Not seen in action with your clever use for the mismeasured board...and thank heavens for thinking to use your framing clamps!


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