Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Long Can You Tread Water?

Yesterday was one of those days! We all have them. Too much to do and everyone wants to add to that list. I had just spent the morning reviewing my schedule for the next 15 days and figured by juggling some stuff I could do it.

Then in a quiet moment between e-mails and telephone calls (yesterday everyone wanted me) I had one of those nagging feelings about something critical to a major event coming up. I decided I really ought to check and I am glad I did because a new employee in the village had disappeared this critical item. So it was scramble time. And with the need to order the quick fix extension cords had I waited another day it would have all been a great deal more complicated living were we live. And then there was the double scheduling over our event.

All that time spent of course impacted my schedule so carefully arranged earlier. I felt totally at sea. So the following comedy routine by Bill Cosby sprung to mind. It's a classic.

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