Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hit the Wall!

I multi-task well but I don't split focus worth a darn at times. (There is a difference.) At full speed if I slow down and take one step at a time and trip over my own feet or even consider where my feet are I'm doomed. That was yesterday. I was trying to still paint on three remaining paintings and load up the booth furniture to set up today. While mentally working on my schedule for the week after the fair and re-arranging furniture in my bedroom and my setup arrangement for the fair.

I took an activity break from the paint table and went to load panels for the fair into the van. But there were only eight and not the requisite eleven. Panic. Did I leave three at the Red River Fine Arts Festival? No, I set them up to put painting on in the studio. (PS the bottom three paintings and the one on the easel are new.)  I have been painting just on the other side of this panel arrangement for three weeks now and putting up newly completed works on it. Clearly it was time to slow down before there is a train wreck. But first I packed the paintings on the panels and loaded them into the van.

Maybe it is age but I don't seem to deal with schedule clutter quite as well as in my youth. I don't think I could study for exams, write my theme paper, eat popcorn, carry on running conversation with roomie, and listen to hard rock at the same time these days. Let alone pop down every hour or so to play a few rounds of bridge. We always had one continuously running through study and finals week.

But I digress again (see comment on split focus). After loading the panels in the picture above I ran off to retrieve some art from the gallery, tend to a dog sit client(s), and then came back home to crash. Old age version of crash is a DVD and a cable knitting project. Okay, from time to time my mind strayed to the design for the new steps and the process for rearranging the bedroom (gone are the days when I just begin shoving furniture around). Oh, and arrangements for those eleven panels in my 10 x 10 foot booth that did not include steps and a mattress.

By 8pm I had mentally and physically hit the wall and staying up until it was dark was no longer an option. Even reading seemed beyond my mental capabilities and so I went to sleep. Soundly. All night long.


  1. 向著星球長驅直進的人,反比踟躕在峽路上的人,更容易達到目的。............................................................

  2. Sounds like sleep was just the right thing to do.


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