Friday, July 16, 2010

My 5 Step Program

My intention today had been to complete the now infamous stairs. This was after all day four if you counted Tuesday, the day I went for supplies in Espanola, as day one. However I miss cut the bottom stringer of the railings twice. This necessitated going to the local hardware store for another 2 x 6 x 8 redwood plank.

I blame this error in judgment because of having to change my thinking from my compound DeWalt miter saw currently being repaired Albuquerque to my Black and Decker table saw. Cutting 35 degree angles is very different on these two tools. The good news is the too short railing stringers can be used to cut uprights out of so I have every confidence I will finish the stair safety railings tomorrow.

I am very proud of the work done thus far. These are definitely solid steps with solid railings. And my new DeWalt 18v drill is wonderful. I finally had to charge a battery on it today after 3 days of extensive use. I am using long deck screws through solid redwood and it gets the job done. But I am waiting until after I pick up my repaired miter saw before I begin my second 5 step program on my porch.

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