Sunday, February 14, 2010

I took a wrong turn last spring

I got an awful case of the flu last April. It was the worst viral infection I have had since the Hong Kong flu in 1968. I personally think it was the H1N1 but as I felt entirely too bad to even leave the house for three weeks I have no proof. I did not even near my former self until the end of May. By then it had been six weeks of being couch potato.

And because of secondary infections in my mouth I had gone from my healthy diet of proteins to soft white stuff. I craved anything with milk. Besides I was trying to get my natural immune system back up to par and was making my own organic yogurt. You can gain weight on yogurt. I am proof.
Until the flu I had established a balance of exercise and sensible eating which worked at maintaining a balance with my scale and clothes. But the flu and weakened condition following the flu threw all that out the window. And every time I tried to get back to my fitness routine another round of not feeling good would interject itself. Or the stress of the pending court date on the lawsuit.

Trying to find a costume to wear to the Mardi Gras krewe party this week was a wake up call. Only 2 out of 5 costumes fit. Easy to just stay in joggers or get a larger pair of jeans from the thrift store but costumes do not get replaced easily or lie like elastic waist bands. February is heart health month and I know for a fact the 15 pounds I have gained is not healthy. I looked up an approach to realistic goals this morning on Google and came up with 6 strategies for Success at the mayo clinic site. Not one of those lose it now and fit into your bikini by summer commercials. They say a goal of losing 1 to 2 pounds a week is not unrealistic. I have 11 weeks before operation Moab. I want to lose 13 pounds as a minimum. 

Today is day one. So I don't have to throw everything out of the refrigerator I am beginning with just half my usual amount on the plate. And four small meals a day. And EXERCISE! I am going to start with 10 minutes and work up at 5 minutes a day until I am doing 30 minutes 5 days a week and one day of 1 1/2 at the spa. I get one day off for good behavior. This is in addition to the 20 minute walks the fur kids get. BTW just walking 20 minutes a day does not get weight off. I have proven it.

You are my support group. Feel free to ask about progress.

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