Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Night of Dreams

I am an active dreamer. I dream in color and I quite often remember my dreams in vivid detail. But some nights my dreams are just more over the top. Last night was such a night. I woke up feeling as if I had participated in some Olympic event. The last dream before waking was of skiing. I have not skied in eight years but I was on a familiar run - one that is a combination of places I have skied and all the horrid fears skiers can have when they drop over the top into unfamiliar terrain. Getting up seemed wise. It certainly was going to be more relaxing.

I have often wondered if my more vivid dreams, and nights like this last with seemingly endless dreams, have a root cause. I know I am apt to get a round of nightmares when I am coming down with something. And dreams that repeat like the airport bathroom dream (a version of the empty box dream women often suffer) occur when I am quite frustrated.

I dream more on the three days of full moon influence (day before through day after). And tonight is the Full Snow Moon which I probably won't be able to see because of snow. Major low pressure areas moving in have their influence. And disturbances in the cosmic force (the earthquake in Chile) seem to generate dreams some of which are almost prophetic. Three nights ago I dreamed I was trying to get across an huge expanse by going from one piece of huge ice to another. The ice plates tipped and moved like a fun house floor but the openings between them seemed to fall to infinity.

Researchers into sleep and dreams tell us we need REM sleep where the dreams occur and these periods only last for seconds to a minute. Mind scientists say dreams are essential to our sanity. But I fall into the Shaman camp of thinking about dreams. Some of them are trying to tell me something in their very unique code. And it is wise to pay attention.

Do you dream? Do you pay attention to your dreams? Ever write them down?


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  2. I cannot read what it is you think you said. Please translate in English or all comments I cannot read will be deleted.

  3. I believe SOME dreams may be our body trying to communicate with us, some are just the brain's digestive process, and some are Shamanic in nature. I dream in colour and sometimes dramatically. It comes and goes. Landscape dream creations are often on the verge of lucid, but fade-out comes too soon after.


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