Friday, February 12, 2010

My Day to Whine

The theory is having survived the gradual disintegration of Yahoo 360 I am a master at coping with platform glitches. Oh, but that were true. I find myself totally intolerant of Facebook following their not (in my opinion) successful launch of their new format. And when I at last, after posting several comments that would not stick around, logged off until notified by a friend they have this fixed I decided there is such a thing as Post Traumatic Internet Stress Syndrone or PTISS. Pronounced with the T silent.

I am frankly PTISSed off. I thought I had found a social network that met my needs and wants especially when combined with my blogs here on Blogspot. I even researched and set up automatic feeds of two of my blogs: Creative Journey to Binford-Bell Studio Fan Page and this blog to my regular profile page. There have been some minor glitches from the beginning but nothing I could not cope with as in FB takes their own jolly good time to do this seemingly automatic function. Then they changed formats. Now the fan page never works on the link. Yes, I have checked that it is all as it should be. And the regular page can take hours or days.

And that cute little flag that was the icon for fan pages has vanished as an option on bookmarks. So getting to my own fan page is a complicated process. First I go to info and scroll to the bottom of the page and then click show more on pages I am a fan of (had I not opted to be my own fan this would not be possible) then click on my fan page. Sometimes updates I put on that page show on News Feed and sometimes not. But the links to Creative Journey in notes have ceased. So I manually put in the link and it did not allow a thumbnail. And the second time I came back to the page it had vanished.

Vanishing comments and status messages seems to be the norm even on my regular page where links love to vanish as well. Off to the Home and the News Feed to see if they are there. Tons of application updates so I started looking on the left side for my favorite option: Status Updates. It is gone! Vanished like the little flag icon!

That was it! My lack of tolerance level had been exceeded and I was fully aware of the effect on PTISS on my peace of mind and serenity. I tried to post one last status message to say farewell (at least until things are fixed) to my friends from 360 and beyond and logged off.

If this feeds through to FaceBook as it is suppose to then my friends will know where I am hiding. If not then, oh, well.


  1. Oh no Jacqui - you can't close down. I too am quite pissed off with FB but I just close down, breathe, leave it alone for a while and then go back. I've experienced all the things you have mentioned at one time or another.

    We need a format on which to communicate instantly when we're on line and unless we start one of our own, this one seems to be the way to go. For the moment anyway.

    Come on - breathe. Please!

  2. I have tried the breathing. It isn't working. I cannot tell you when I will be able to cope with it again if this level of chaos on FB continues. I have it in spades because the problems are far worse on fan pages.

  3. Oh, and have you noticed how the handy little 'groups' icon has fanished from our wall pages as well? It too is no longer convenient to get to, which I now do when the PP theme of the week title pops up on the home page, usually displaying a photo someone has recently voted for.
    Way too inconvenient! What were they thinking?


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