Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee

Cannot blame Mercury being in retrograde because it was not. But last week seemed all about communications or missed communications. Talking or writing at odds bad enough to make you want to be mum for the rest of your life. And get off the internet forever. Replies I got from e-mails sent in regard to the every growing Lake Coyote in my backyard were so off the mark I re-read my own missive two or three times to see if I had made a faulty edit. NO.

I wrote what I meant they just read what they wanted to read. Whatever let them off the hook as it were. On verbal conversations I even checked back in once with a third party and she also didn't have a clue where the other person was coming from about what I supposedly said. She had heard what it was I thought I had said.

Ever have one of those weeks? I got to the point I didn't even want to try and clarify their opinions. Even Facebook was against me by not allowing deletes this week. No editing is bad enough but no deletes is abuse in my opinion especially if the comment box doesn't open totally and you are typing all but the first sentence blind. How can you be held accountable for that?

Finally got the state engineer out of Cimarron to agree to a site visit. It is suppose to be today but Lake Coyote is under eight inches of snow. So even if he makes it over through the canyon what can he see? At the moment I am considering moving way far away to someplace where can hide. Not even sure I am taking the computers.

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  1. Things don't sound very bright in your neck of the woods. Don't give up - remember if it wasn't for we women.........pioneering and all that!


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