Thursday, February 18, 2010

When did you stop beating your wife?

Went through another session with my lawyer to prepare me for trial on the 19th of March. First time we did this is was a lot more about fact finding for her case preparation. This time was more about posing questions that would actually be asked while I was in the witness box by either my attorney or the opposing attorney on cross. We prepped for two hours and then she informed my that my direct would likely be 2 1/2 and then it would be the other attorney's turn.

I am exhausted just thinking about it. And with the effects of my head injury I have major doubts about my ability to answer questions while sitting in one place for that long - or longer. Especially when the questions will be hostile from his attorney. I have my doubts about being able to physically and mentally make it through the remaining month of trial preparation. I could lose by tharning out when asked the question, "When to you begin planning to cheat your contractor?"

And then there are all the rules to remember. I cannot answer that question with a question like, "When did he decide he could cheat me?" And I have to stick with the evidence entered at discover or get the "Assumes facts not in evidence" objection. Between an intern at legal aid and my own diminished capacity to think in linear form into history we missed a couple key discovery dates.

Sadly if I had the money I would just pay him to go away even if he does not deserve or merit a single penny. In fact, by all valid accounting methods he owes me about $17,000. I just want the torture to stop. But I don't have the money. All I have is my home and he wants to take that away from me. Hard to be a bag lady with four cats and two dogs.


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  2. My dearest friend, calm down. You are concentrating on what you see to be the negatives. What about the positives?

    You WILL be able to sit that long if necessary and you WILL answer the questions properly. Your lawyer will guide you and his will try to derail you in the same way that yours will try to derail him. The difference will be that you will keep your head and your cool and with luck, he won't.

    You will be able to make it through the trial preparation because by then you will be totally prepped and prepared. Hang in there - it seems a long time but it's a matter of weeks. Look how Heather fared and there's no reason why you shouldn't do the same. Bear in mind that no lawyer would take your case if they thought that you would lose. The prep is hard because they're painting the worst case scenario and your lawyer wants you prepared for anything that's thrown at you.

    Time to boost the confidence, to not loiter on the head injury and the possibility of an inability to concentrate for said length of time.

    You have a case to win here so think positive and know that your friends are rooting for you. I know that's small consolation at the moment and that self-doubt looms but you have to put faith in your lawyer and in yourself. You can and will do this.

  3. Dear J, do you know how to do EFT? It can really help you to stay calm and focused, and is literally free at your fingertips. I believe there are instructions all over youtube these days, but I would be so happy to burn a copy of the DVD for you. (with permission)
    Let me know. Injustice drives me MAD and I cannot stand the thought of someone like you losing a home.
    Or anyone, for that matter.


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