Friday, February 26, 2010

Some Weeks Life is a Switching Yard

And it has definitely been one of those weeks. Looking back maybe it has been one of those months. I always have these expectations of quiet hermitage for the first quarter of the year. And perhaps on reflection that expectation is unrealistic. Just snow can be derailing when it comes in two feet dumps. It has to be dealt with. And it doesn't take two feet.

Wednesday night the wind blew. Howled. And it built up drifts and ridges and mountains of the snow which fell before and added another six inches to the total. Just the six inches would have shut down New York City. Us mountain folk bundle up and grab the snow shovel and do what needs to be done.  But a major impediment yesterday were the tourists. The ones staying right across the road decided since they could not get in their driveway they would park in the middle of the county road right in front of the driveway I was shoveling out.

Then the group from Houston staying up the hill arrived all upset the driveway to their house was not plowed. Well, the plow could not get there because of the cars parked in the middle of the road. And us residents could not get out for same reason. They whined. I have trouble with people in open toed flats standing in a foot of snow on my doorstep whining. BTW, no coats. It is 17 hour drive from Houston. Surely a suitcase can be opened around the Texas/New Mexico border.

I was suppose to be assembling seven paintings that are to go to Raton for an exhibit at a gallery there. Some were older paintings that had to be found and re-framed. Some new that had to be framed. Frames needed to be made or swapped. All needed to be cataloged and labeled. Boxes had to be found for transfer. The house and studio was a wreck, but miss open-toed-shoes wanted to use the bathroom. It is times like this I miss my two German Shepherds. People seldom came in even when I opened the door. Note: When seeking the good will of a person providing a toilet do remember to flush and turn off the light when done.

After whining about the snow and the condition of our roads, the visitors finally relinquished the county road as a parking lot and I was able to attend a board meeting for the arts council. The president had resigned (we figure she made only 2 meetings in a year) and I went from vice-president standing in for her to president until June. It was just another switch in plans that has been the rule since 2009 slinked out. My sister called this morning to inform me that after three weeks she will have her Jeep back - or has it been four? It is only just over a year old and with electrical problems. Shades of Toyota. Murmurs of a bad computer module. I like cars without bells and whistles.

I have hopes of getting back to plans for this month which centered around building up inventory for the summer fairs, but it seems late Saturday more snow is coming and no doubt more shoveling and more tourists that want to use the county road as parking lot. We locals had a great laugh about it in the privacy of our own homes. Which took more time out of my precious schedule. But one needs to vent before grabbing the guns. I am taking photos next time.

BTW, a couple more quick notes: We just live here and don't have any control of the weather. And if you are coming here to ski, snow is not ruining your vacation. Maybe it is just best to have no plans for February then having my access to and from my house blocked or my peace disturbed would not be an issue.

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  1. Open toed shoes?? What do they teach people in schools in Texas? Intelligent design?


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