Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cut off and Away

There are times when you can stand in miles of badlands and feel totally embraced and cared for. And other times when you are in the middle of a crowd and feel totally alone and isolated. There are instances when you know only you can do what needs to be done whether it is make your way out of the wilderness or to the other side of the crowd. You look for reference points to guide you and yet they seem to be cast into the shadows or erased by the mob.

In the past difficult times in my live seem to be surrounded by isolation. When I most want to reach out and touch someone or gather their assistance or guidance they are unavailable. And now is no different in many ways. Pivotal people are out of range to contact. My ISP service goes down when I am most dependent upon e-mail for communication with my legal staff.

In the past I have wondered if this is merely spirit's way of telling me to look inside for help and not depend upon others. It is me that must find the answers. Still in my fleeting links with my ethernet community I have been very gratified and bolstered by thoughts and well wishes.

So tonight having read through my 13 pages of homework for court tomorrow I feel well armored for the trek ahead tomorrow. However the major winter storm which comes on the tomorrow afternoon I am not that sure of as I will be driving home in it. Let's hope with very good news.

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  1. Yes we can be surrounded but be alone in the midst of it all. In those situations I know where my source of comfort comes from and I believe you do too.
    I am waiting not so patiently to hear from you. Thinking of you every minute.


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