Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fair's Fair

Life is about balance, alignment, harmony, and unity; from balance in your Chakras to the Greek ideal of moderation in all things. Including, I believe, moderation. Life can be a pendulum that swings to the extremes at times. But it is always good to get back to your center.

I whine recently. It was my day to whine. I really needed to whine. It was good for my soul. And I was very gratified that one of my whines - the absence of my modem for my Qwest DSL - was heard and honored with an offer for assistance from Qwest. This is the second time I have mentioned a product or service in a blog and gotten a response. The first was with Swanson Vitamins. I love their product and their commitment to the environment but putting their vitamins in appropriately sized containers.

Admittedly there have been lots of times I have bitched and moaned about a company and been once more ignored. Amazon is one of those. Everyone raves about but I have had very few positive experiences with them. So even with Google offering a free link to blogspot that can earn you money I have avoided it. I cannot recommend them.

But I am currently recommending Qwest DSL. (I am reserving the right to change my mind because Qwest has changed the agreements with me in the past and the billing charges.) I can get only the lower speed (1.5mb) on the DSL due to the quality and age of my feed from the fiber optics box up at the road, or so I was told. I was warned that I might have skips with my streaming videos. And given that even with the top speed on my very expensive Wild Blue satellite ISP I was having to buffer and at times just not attempt to watch Netflix Instant or Hulu I was prepared. So yesterday after finally having the time to install the DSL I ran a few tests.

I was most pleasantly surprised! I guess my 25 plus year old twisted pair phone line is not as bad as I thought even with the splice that had to be made a couple years back. MagicJack, which I returned because it did not work on my satellite internet, would probably work on my DSL but I am rather upset with them because they did not mention it would not work and they waited a full month plus to refund my money after my return. I do remember these things.

You play fair with me and I play fair with you. And unlike newspapers I even follow the story up and note the positive.

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