Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee

I admit to totally vegging out yesterday - or as a friend suggested took some serious down time. I just knitted, watched DVD's, caught up with some friends on the telephone, and bonded with fur kids. Stress, especially prolonged and continual stress, does have an effect on mind and body - any body - but more so if you have had a CBT or suffer from fibro.

Today I am actually going to have Monday Morning Chat over Coffee with two artist friends and Katherine's new studio. Us artists love to show off our studios to other artists. But there is an added incentive to go as John, Katherine's husband, is catering. Boy! Can John ever cook! More about this gathering later no doubt.

My modem for my new DSL is suppose to arrive today. Interesting enough my satellite seems to be working well. No doubt that ISP solved MY equipment problem without showing up at my door which lends credibility to my argument it was their equipment problem. Too late, Jose. And for future reference let it be known that I loath tech people that assume that I am stupid.

I signed off last night thinking I might have a mother board going out. But awoke this a.m. and after doing a couple things think it was an unstable platform due to an out of date Java Script. Knowing such things is why I do not talk to the first round of idiots at tech support. But I think the arrival of the new modem and the removal of the old is a good time to disconnect my tower from all peripherals and give it a good dust off and out.

Dashed off a few notes to my attorney via e-mail this morning. I had sat in the quiet predawn in the lobby of the St. James and made notes on the events of Friday. We are going to have another spring storm this week. Moving in on Tuesday and continuing through Wednesday but they are still unclear as to track. Meanwhile two days of high 40's to melt the snow already here. May actually be able to put two marinas on Lake Coyote.

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