Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee - Importance of Being Alice

I saw Alice in Wonderland, or is it Underland, yesterday. It was a day that began badly. First my bathroom scale broke. Then the satellite internet. I, and my friends, were trying to beat a storm over and back to Taos and conflicting weather reports did not give us warm and fuzzy feelings about the venture. But go we did. And when I left my modem still had not captured a satellite. I was in etherland withdrawals.

We arrived at the Taos hot spot, Micheal's Kitchen, confronted by a bit of a line and realization it was spring break for most of Texas and all of Oklahoma. We began to dread what we might find at the local movie house. It was packed but we did get in line early and with good seats after a very good brunch. And endless chatter. Ronnie says men need about 100 words a day and women require 1500. His wife, Jessica, and I being artists we go for days without meeting our quota; alone, isolated in our studios talking to paints and silver that don't answer back. So line waiting at Micheal's and the theatre offered plenty of face to face chat time.

I love Lewis Carrol's creation of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I have seen the original Disney animated film numerous times, a stage production or two, had it read to me as a child, and then read it to my sister. Still have an annotated version of the book on my shelves. I have my doubts about anyone doing it justice and was not all that sure about 3D and my brain. But Johnny Depp, as the Mad Hatter, and ensemble transported me to Underland beyond the original Alice.

Movies intended for children tend to have morals (not that many children in the audience really) and if this one did it was about the importance of being Alice and having enough noughness. Or would that be spelled nuffness? Another lesson for me about the forthcoming trial this Friday. I admit to being beaten down by the prosecution and we are not in the courtroom yet. But two years of not being heard can do that to you. So when I take the stand in my defense I need enough noughness or nuffness. I need to be the Alice that can slay the Jabberwaukie. 

I arrived home to find the modem had found the satellite and I could get my ether fix. And wondering when they come out with the Alice in Wonderland DVD will it be in 3D? Can it be in 3D?


  1. Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass were my favorite childhood books. I can't guess how many times I reread them before age 13 - and even a number of time since. I plan to see this latest version for sure. I realize it will be a distorted Alice, but I'm eager to see the Tim Burton take on my favorite old story.

  2. It seems that your misadventures with the contractor and the pending court case have really made an Alice out of you, Jacqui. I hope it all goes well.
    I have not seen Burton's "Alice" yet, but your review is tantalising...
    Have linked to it in my Movie Monday blog - hope that's OK.


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