Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee - Why blog

I began journalling when I was in my late 20's. First I filled spiral notebooks and then moved on to bound sketchbooks that I sometimes covered elaborately. They were a mix of poetry and sketches and events in my life. I have them still - some filled to the brim and some only begun before chaos pulled me away from that particular journal. But I do go back to journalling. And I do refer back to events and pictures and insights in the old ones on my book shelves.

Since the advent of blogging my journalling has switched to the Internet. Y360 was my first exploration of this new means of putting thoughts to paper. And when it closed down I realized there were some very significant blogs amidst the trivial day by day stuff. All the blogs are now on Profiles but I transferred significant ones to Chats with Charley II unwilling to again put all my eggs in one basket.

When the court adjourned on Friday I realized there was some confusion over just what happened in June 2007 and want occurred in July 2007. So today I went to the old blogs and looked it up. It was so wonderful to have them there with pictures to refer to. And it made me aware there was a reason for this trial to take so long -- it has helped me remember the events of three years ago - and to get all my ducks in a row as it were through my journalling on line.

Currently enjoying some downtime from the trial. And yesterday I was centered enough to get back to painting on the triptych. Followers of mine on Facebook and blogland are probably getting tired of seeing this. But to me it is not merely a painting but an event. A milestone in my artistic development. And this last couple of weeks of trial and painting has proven that CBT or no I can solve complex problems given the time and space to do so.


  1. Not getting tired of anything you share - just getting tired of myself of not being able to keep up on a day to day basis.

    It's wonderful that you have kept everything pertaining to this situation. If points are disputed then couldn't the fact that you have documentation in this form, be brought into the mix?

  2. Since I am new to your blogs, I am really glad to finally understand exactly what the whole situation is. You have my total sympathy, not that you can buy anything with that. I sure hope justice can be done.

  3. I agree that having journals, diaries, blogs is a fantastic way of revisiting the past and remembering things as we perceived them at the time.
    Amazing what we choose to remember and what to forget! I have found that I foten will blot out much unpleasantness and remember the "nice" things...

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