Friday, March 12, 2010

Finding that Often Ellusive Inner Strength

Elizabeth Swann - Pirate King

A friend of mine who is trying to find her level of peace in a new and alien environment she chose wrote recently of closeting herself in her room with re-runs of Frazer, the television sitcom of the past. I bought a DVD set of the old Bonanza series. Good always trumped evil in the old west of Ben and his three boys; Hoss, Little Joe and Adam.

I also recently re-watched the Pirates of the Caribbean trio of films. At Worlds End is by far my favorite for any number of reasons beginning with Johnny Depp and continuing on to Elizabeth Swann - Pirate King! But I particularly like one of the closing scenes where Becket, the evil commercially driven leader, tharns out and goes down with his shredded ship. I find a great deal of hope in that image and image my contractor as Becket.

Which all leads to my conclusion that film and television are our modern myths. Chose the right mythical icons and they can give you hope and inner strength. Choose the wrong ones and you could be Edward Scissor hands. At another time in my life Sigourney Weaver in her Alien persona was a hero of mine. The Alien flicks broke ground on several levels. Alien became one of the first horror flicks to become an A (not a B) movie. And the female became the hero! No running down the steps in a darkened house in high heels and screaming. She saves herself and the cat. But Elizabeth Swann, Pirate King, saves not only herself (and the monkey) but all that is good in the world. And all her fellow pirates. Well, minus a few fatalities. She is a hero worthy of the Dianna warrior myths of Greek legend.

It has taken us a long time to get back to allowing women power in our myths. I say let us not lose that. I personally want to hold tight to the Pirate King image this coming week. I may need to re-watch At Worlds End. And perhaps a Bonanza episode or two to let me know there was a time when good triumphed over bad in the west. I cannot take my six gun or sword to court. Metal detectors. But inner metal does not set off alarms.


  1. A very interesting read. Thank you. I enjoyed this. Boadicea, a Welsh Warrior Queen comes to mind but because of her defeat by the Romans and positivity being the order of the day, we won't go any further.

    I have never seen the trilogy (?) Pirates of the Caribbean but I did catch some of one of them, a few nights ago. Natasha tells me that I have to watch the whole film and them in sequence before i can say that they don't appeal to me! i think it had something to do with that man with the eels or some such things hanging from his face!

    The essence of this I realize, is to know that good overcomes evil. It does regardless of the crap that goes on in the middle which we can all live without but life's like that and anyone who says differently, lies!

    Woman power? Not everyone's cup of tea but Margaret Thatcher was a good example. Golda Meir and Idira Ghandi also come to mind. But we mere mortals who are not famous, can also claim our women power in our own field.

    So you go girl, claim your power - and wield that Excalibur in your mind as you fight to win.

  2. Or you could get Hoss to stand by your side!

  3. Women may be physically weaker than men, but I believe they are stronger emotionally and spiritually, but also physiologically. After all they have to deal with pregnancy and birth which are amazingly harsh on one's body.
    We men are often wimps when it comes to bodily pain and illness. So a lot of bravado and brute strength, which is then followed by whimpers...


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