Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee

Where did February go? Have you ever wondered why we could not take a couple days from months with 31 days and give them to February? Whatever would be wrong with that. And on leap year it would have 31. Still no problem because six months have 31 now and four would still have after surrendering a day to February. Who thinks up these things?

Anyway February is gone, and in my opinion, two days early. Which makes me late for all those things I had put a March 1st deadline on. Here it is March 1 and my taxes are not prepared for the CPA, I don't have my painting inventory spread sheet even begun, or the weight lost I wanted to lose, etc. The list goes on. Two more days would have helped.

Though given that February is such an awful month perhaps it should be shorter. We could do away with it all together but then I suppose March would be awful then and we would be yet another month away from spring flowers.

Maybe this blog should be Mindless Monday Morning Mumbling over coffee. Clearly more coffee is required. What I meant to cover in this blog was my inability to abbreviate my life to 140 characters on Twitter, or a couple lines in a status message on Facebook. But given what I have written maybe I should keep it a lot shorter.

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