Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Let Go or Not?

There are times life seems very difficult to navigate, the path perilous, the whole journey out of our control. And any and all attempts to change direction or pick a safer route are rebuffed letting us know quite totally we have no options but to keep on keeping on. So do you just let go?

If you are hanging on to the edge of a cliff with your finger nails then letting go does not seem an option unless you have recently decided you can fly. And W.C. Fields said even a dead fish can swim downhill. Still, riding a runaway horse in the direction it is going is easier. And actually one of the only ways to regain control of it. Rather like steering a car sliding on ice the way it is skidding even if that is a cliff edge. Bottom line there are no easy answers. And nobody on the outside can really know what your decision should be. Or decisions.

The last few weeks has certainly shown that life is complex enough that one answer does not fit all. I had to fight about the modem and I had to let go about the completion of the trial. As much as I want the latter to be over the prolonging of the agony has been beneficial on several levels. When I took the stand yesterday I was very clear about the sequence of events almost three years ago and could at last be unemotional in my testimony. I had one lingering question in my mind and that did not come up by the time we had adjourned. And on the hour and thirty minute drive home I remembered where I could go to find the answer - my old 360 blogs archived on Profiles or transferred to Chats with Charley II.

Blogging helped the modem issue too. I had mentioned it in My Day to Whine on this blog and Qwest read it. The modem is here and I have been reading through the instructions so I can install my DSL today.

I had intended to spend the weekend veggie out over  Netflix movies but it seems that there was a major wreck on the route my rural mail carrier takes. Pepe was not involved but the back road is totally blocked by a tractor trailer rig. What was this man thinking? We consider it a rental car road at best. A Jeep Rubicon road in bad weather. It is mud and flood season and he is mired in the mud which by Sunday could be flood with rising temperatures. I am hoping for mail service by Monday.

So I guess it is a re-watch weekend. That and Hulu and Netflix Instant. Or drive to Taos to take in a movie there. Which brings up the third choice in the let go or fight debate - change course.

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