Thursday, June 24, 2010

Attachment Disorder - Second Verse

Like Miss Elizabeth Swann of Pirates of the Caribbean I happen to find pirates quite attractive. I think it is genetic programming. And not just with me. Among baboons the young females leave their maternal gaytard and seek out the male juvenile delinquents of neighboring gaytards (yes, that is the name for a troop of baboons). After a riotous time and sure they are pregnant they go running back to mother. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar.

The mistake us humans make, to my way of thinking, is we think we can reform that pirate with the flashing eyes and devilish smile and we marry him. My father was a pirate. But mother had help from the military and World War II and Korea in his transformation. Due to my high level of self-preservation I never got pregnant in my dalliances with pirates though I stupidly married a couple. Unlike fur kids you cannot house break them.

I prefer the term self-preservation to attachment disorder. However, most trained mental professionals see self-preservation in women as a disorder. Yes, even in this modern age. And most of the fundamental religions about think women ought to be the submissive and supportive member of the union blessed by God. And when a marriage fails it is frequently the woman that gets the blame - bruises and all.

I was totally shocked when I worked with Peer Educators in northern New Mexico. Mothers and grandmothers blamed daughters for crying incest. It was family business and the way of it. Obviously they did not watch Oprah.

Yes, I still find myself insanely attracted to pirates. I content myself with watching them on DVD's. Though if one were to ask me on a short sail I might say yes. But I know better than bring them home. I have learned my lessons from the baboons.


  1. Excellent discourse! The way your mind works is truly fascinating; you
    ALWAYS hit the nail on its head, at least to my way of thinking.

    "you can always housebreak a fur kid"
    could I possibly send you Spanky for a bootcamp course? 'Cause I give up!

  2. Was a man involved in the training of Spanky? If so he just may be hopeless. He is also a male dog.


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