Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ever Fell Like Screaming?

It wasn't just the broken DeWalt Compound Miter Saw that got under my skin yesterday. In fact its breaking, while a strain on the finances to fix, was a relief for the todo list. Clearly I cannot make more frames. So I began finishing artist canvases with wires to hang them, noting them down on the "new titles" list and packing them up.

No, the really frustrating part of yesterday was conversations. Communications were so screwed up that I double checked to see if it was a Mercury in Retrograde period. We are safe until August 20th. The first problem dealt with trying to reach a consensus in a group I belong too. We were doing this e-mail with reply all going on most of the time. That can be such an issue because someone always just replies to the last message instead of all in the discussion. Bad enough to follow one of these threads but I had another going on Facebook messages. I know I am in trouble when I decide to clarify the issues we are discussing. Some discussions just don't want clarity.

Which brings us to the telephone conversations of yesterday. I never seemed to get a direct answer to what I thought was a direct question. Back to trying to clarify. Mistake. Biggest mistake was calling ex-husband about the DeWalt saw. Did he even have a concept if it was fixable? Does he even hear me? We got back into one of those topics I always think is closed but he will walk the same ground on over and over and over. Which brings us to the artist friend and the labyrinth project. Artists when excited do not stay on topic. Make it march did not work with ex so I tuned out of half of her conversation and began to wonder how you draw a labyrinth. It seems like something interesting to put into a painting. Google at least gives me direct answers.

But I always don't accept the really clear answer. At least with Google I get to direct the "conversation" instead of being at affect of it. So upset with ex-husband, frustrated with my artist friend, unclear about expectations with a pet sitting client, unable to do anything about the saw, or even figure out the consensus in two group discussions I let my fingers do the walking through Google and found the Man in the Maze used in south American basketry.
I have this on a silver pendent but it is a bit hard to follow. Now armed with it in a printable form and the directions on how to draw a labyrinth putting it into a painting of a canyon ought to be a piece of cake. Certainly easier than trying to untangle communications from yesterday. Them I have just dropped. Rather like a cell phone.

Then it hit me that if a labyrinth is about meditation then maybe Google is the modern Labyrinth. The Google search calmed me right down.

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