Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Problem with Being Self-Employed

My basic problem with being self-employed is that I work for a perfectionist boss who often sets impossible goals and ridiculous deadlines. Fortunately, or unfortunately as far as the boss is concerned, I am a Gemini and ergo often of two minds. Yesterday evening as I was working on the last of three paintings I would like to finish before this weekend - and frame - it hit me how insane my boss is.

Right now, this minute, I have 13 new paintings for the fair of which seven are "significant new works" and of those three I consider major - the triptych and the two panorama paintings. I am usually totally happy with just 4 or 5 new works. Am I going to fall off the edge of the world if I do not finish these other three? And there is always the fair after this one.

When I hit the bed last night I was so exhausted I fell more into a coma than slumber. So deep was my sleep that when the power went off I was only vaguely aware briefly before falling back into the void. I never even heard the two battery backups beeping for two hours. So the slacker in me had a Come-to-Jesus discussion this morning over the first cup of coffee. There are enough paintings. And I like the big three on the artist canvas and unframed. They look so much more modern and clean like that. And didn't my biggest commission this winter want his unframed. And aren't there a lot like that on Canyon Road (big Santa Fe art gallery area).

So the boss has backed off a bit. She has seen the impossibilities of doing all on the list to do and not dying in the process. But she has been saying nasty things about me. Is there a labor relations board for the self-employed?


  1. Hmmm, I can identify with what you write, Jacqui. I have so many different projects going on at the same time that it sometimes gets reidiculous. However, I always manage to deliver the goods on time, which sounds like you too.
    As I get older, I tend to lose that perfectionist streak in me and leave just enough imperfections in my work to show off their beauty even more...

  2. I don't know how you do all the things you do AND you do it wonderfully. Take a break, get some rest, plug into the furs for a nap. Maybe try one of those beach cd's from wavesdvd dot com. No music just beach
    I'm making a wonderful juice with my Jack Lalane juicer. Wanna' try some?
    signed your other boss
    This is what your boss should be saying.


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