Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Four More Days

Full Worm Moon

Beautiful moon last night. I was searching for the definitive moon picture. This was from inside the studio with a beveled glass Gothic cross in front. One of the clearest ever pictures I have gotten of the moon. And further research into that old age question of how much of any photograph has to be in focus.

As I approach the last four days of Lent I find myself pondering the question of how much communication really communicates. Twitter with 140 characters (that is not words but key strokes); FaceBook, which began with 400 characters; and the infamous 10 second soundbyte on television news has definitely gutted communication.

And then there is the meme where no words are necessary. Due to the Supreme Court sitting in judgment this week to the equality in marriage even personal avatars are reduced to the equal signs. It was while pondering which of the many variations, an effort to put a personal twist on it, I wanted to use it struck me that there is no equality in marriage even among heterosexuals as the GOP has shown glaringly of late. It is one of many reasons I am not in a committed relationship. Women always seem more committed than men. No apparent meme for that one.

But then as I post processed my moon pictures this morning it struck me that a lot of relationships are out of focus. The world things US women have equal rights. We do not. Ask the Christian Right and they will tell you the rules of Christianity are very black and white. I have read the Bible and this is not true. Religion for me is definitely out of focus. BTW I do have images where the cross is in focus and the moon isn't. Saving one to post on Good Friday though frankly I have never understood what was good about it. Just another fuzzy aspect of religion.

Wish I could say as I near the final four days of my self imposed "silence" on FB status messages I had reached a clarity in the exercise. Some conclusions can be drawn: Nothing is as important as it seems when you look at that blank box, 2) Correcting another's conclusion is futile, 3) I think there is more value in mentioning what I fixed for lunch than some of the status messages out there. I am fixing a blackened Salmon with a goat cheese and capers sauce served with stir fried bokchoy and Swiss Chard with onion.

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