Saturday, March 16, 2013

Proud of me

House with the porch barrier

The previous owner of my residence fancied himself an accomplished carpenter among other things. He enclosed both the back porches and the front porch. I removed the back enclosures some years ago because he did not reinforce the supports for the porch before he did it. The weight was tearing the porch away from the house.

That support problem did  not  occur in the front but it made the entry to the house dark and totally hid the rental unit door. I hated it but felt it helped keep the blowing snow off the porch. Today I decided I would rather shovel the snow.

Three feet of barrier to porch cut away

I cut away three feet of the deteriorating surround on the porch and revealed the original center support of the overhang. The opening on the left was covered with paneling before I removed it. By removing it you can now see both doors to both units A and B. This will also make it way easier to get furniture moved into unit A. And I found some cedar boards I had and finished off the edge unlike the previous carpentry. I now need to remove the wild rose bush right in front of the opening. Do not worry about the rose. It has spread clear across the front and around the corner. I will be trying to control on a small fraction of it.

Another great benefit from this modification is from my front door I can see my sentinel tree. And there is more light in both entry halls. Also the driveway is totally visible. With some limitations due to the ever growing spruce tree. Imagine the opening on the right closed off with boards to see how the world outside my door was limited before. I didn't take it all down because the wind does come from the right. I figured that would help with blowing snow. And it is a great place to keep the snow shovel.

View from my door
I feel as if I have let in the light and freed myself up. I am not sure why today was the day I decided at last to do this. They weather was suppose to turn foul, but this morning it was beautiful and I figured now was the time. I would get as much done as possible before the snow came. And it hasn't. It is still 47 degrees and I keep walking to my front door and looking out at my opened up world.

I am so proud of me for finally doing it. And doing a good job of it with my power tools.


  1. Way to go Babe. Isn't that feeling of satisfaction you get of a job well done awesome.

  2. What a fabulous job you have done! Very impressive. Great work. I didn't realize that the rental unit is attached the house. For some reason For some reason I always thought it was separate.


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