Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just Ten More Days

Ten more days of Lent. Sacrifice ought to be getting easier. But it is not. I admit to having learned a lot by this whole experience. The biggest lesson learned is that social media depends upon drama queens. And if you are unwilling to provide some drama you are immediately as isolated as a prophet in the wilderness.

Lesson two is that what you are doing on social media overlaps to what you are doing in the real world. That was partly my intent -- to discover just how much I have to be the one who initiates a conversation. Friendships should be two way streets. Conversations on the phone, between neighbors and on the ethernet take two people or more. Note: this was a test for me and not my friends. I have this weakness of trying to fill dead air. And I have been filling it as it were with more times with dogs, books, blogs, exercise, meditation, and photography.

But every once in a while I get this burning desire to share something. I just want to get on Facebook and fill the status comment square, or call a friend and tell them what just happened. Yesterday, for reasons I cannot explain was a treacherous day for breaking my Lenten vow. I had to apply by test question, "How important is it really?" more than once. Okay I confess I could have been in the double digits. But yesterday was a day in the real world where people checked in with, "have not heard from you lately? You okay?"

If you want to know how important you are in the universe stick your finger in a bowl of water and see what impression you have left when you take it out.

Yesterday there was another young man between 15 and 35 that wanted to make a lasting impression by shooting a whole bunch of people. One of the streaming videos said he had the same time of gun and barrel magazine as the Aurora shooter. I tried to remember that mass annihilator's name and could not. Or the shooter at Sandy Hook. That got me thinking of Gettysburg and the Civil War. We remember a short address by President Lincoln at the cemetery but I had to Google the generals of both sides.

So this is the question for you? Do you remember the heroes?


  1. I just left a long comment - huh! Coming back tomorrow.

  2. I do believe the hero does get remembered, but it appears the baddie is remembered even more.

    I have been off line for a while now, just catching up now and then. I was a little disappointed I wasn't missed. LoL.


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