Thursday, March 21, 2013

March is the Longest Month

My turn to whine

I got a flat tire today. Well, it didn't get exactly flat but it was on its way to there when I noticed it and swung by one of the three places I can put air in it. Actually I swung by two. One was out of order. I think one is always out of order. And the other took quarters of which I had none. By the time I waited out the people getting gas (let me mention they put the air machine in absolutely the wrong place by the gas pumps) and got change for it the tire was really close to flat. And as I am filling it up I notice the huge nail. So off to my mechanic.

I have awful luck with tires. I have hardly ever gotten a puncture that can be plugged. Always on the sidewall or like this one too close to be safely plugged. So I have to buy a new tire. Well, actually two. It was a snow tire that was punctured and it is about time to take them off anyway. The new tires will not be here until Wednesday so I am running around on that little donut they call a spare. That restricts my travel, but my travel is a bit restricted by what I have to do this next few days anyway.

But I am sitting there adding up my finances in my head with things due before the end of the month, while talking options with my mechanic, and how to fit two new tires in the budget, and find myself shocked it is only the 21st. Why is it only the 21st?

On one level it is good it is only the 21st because the new tenant is moving in the 25th or 26th and there are a few buff and fluff tasks I need to get done. One of which is cleaning up the back yard of the rental unit. Yes, it seems like I have been trying to get that done for weeks but first it is the snow and now it is the wind. And this weekend it is suppose to be snow. Again! But the new tenant moving in before the tires arrive is good.

But it is still March! Why is it still March? I do not think it is fair to have a 28 day month followed by a 31 day month. And why do we have a 28 day month? I think it would make sense to take a day from March and one from say January, another really long month, and add those two days to February. It would make four 30 day months in a row and that sounds so much more survivable in winter. Let's put all the long months in Summer.

I was trying to tell myself March is this long this year only because of Lent and Easter not being until the 31st but really March is always long. There is weather and tax preparation and wanting to garden when it is entirely too early. It looked like rain this morning and so I cast out this mix of wildflower seeds for butterflies and humming birds. It did not rain. It is blowing all the seeds to Mora I am sure.

Please can March be over?


  1. It nearly is and I for one will be happy to see the back of it! Our car is giving trouble. Giving trouble?? The guts of the ignition disintegrated!!

    You have to PAY for air???

    1. Yes, we do. $1 to fill up your tires. Well one or two tires. You can never get to all four because of the time out. I am seriously thinking of buying my own compressor to have at the house.

  2. I have never ever heard of being charged for AIR for your tires before. I would invest in that compressor if it were me Jacqui.

    The months are going too fast for me, probably because we are getting too close to winter. No snow in my part of New Zealand...Yet! One can feel it getting colder too.


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