Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yesterday's Messages from God

No, I did not hear voices. But sometimes if I we are really attentive to the moment, totally in the here and now, I believe the cosmic consciousness sends us hints about what is going to happen or directions we should take. Even science acknowledges it to some degree with a tip of the hat to synchronicity or telling us there is no such thing as coincidences.

Admittedly some of the most persistent of messages can be THE UNIVERSE IS OUT TO GET YOU. Or some modification of that like BURGER KING IS OUT TO GET YOU. Yesterday as I was hitting BK for a croissant breakfast sandwich the drive through clerk was obviously in training. Note to Burger King - DO NOT PUT TRAINEES ON THE DRIVE THROUGH WINDOW. She did not put the lid on the hot coffee right and when I grabbed it I spilled coffee all over my lap, the center console of the car and paperwork sitting in the other seat. I did not exactly say please and thank you but I did not cuss when I told her what she did in my Bad Dog voice. I grabbed for the napkins in the sack and there was one. Not sufficient to mop everything up while she gave me another cup of coffee and closed the window too fast for me to ask for more.

Lucky for her I was on a schedule to get to Santa Fe for an appointment with a HUD Reverse Mortgage Counselor. Unlucky for me I did not realize that the black cell phone in the coin holding area of the black console was doing the back stroke. When I did realize it I immediately took it apart and wiped the various parts against my jeans. Hey they were already overly splashed with coffee. What is a few more drops. I took the body of the cell phone and put it open side down on the defroster vents and turned the defroster to room temp and high fan. Directions for home drying of cell phone says do not start it up for 24 hours but I figured the back stroke in coffee for 20 minutes made it toast and I needed it to work to connect with friend from Albuquerque that had called me just as I was leaving home. We decided to meet up for lunch at Zia Cafe.

She brought boyfriend. Girl friends change when they have boyfriends so lunch was really awkward. And attempt to shop after lunch at one of our favorite consignment stores even worse. I came home from Santa Fe early really bummed out because the Zia Cafe has also taken a nose dive on food quality. All good things must come to an end or for every thing there is a time. But the cell phone is still working. And I will never be tempted to buy a croissant sandwich at Burger King ever again. I got that message loud and clear. Maybe I should give up all fast food (which is no longer fast) from now on even if it is a very rare treat.

I also got to review cell phones and whether they really serve a purpose in my life. Do I need to be that connected? Jury is still out but I think it is good to look at what we consider necessities in our lives from time to time. Are our modern conveniences convenient or are we their slaves. And walking around Santa Fe half the day with coffee stains let me review my attachment to looking good. There is a time and place when I would have just had to buy new jeans before showing up to my appointment. Or gushing out a lengthy explanation as to why I was not looking perfect.

And I decided holding on to a friendship with a great long history isn't working for me. Maybe one day she will return to be the person I know and love. Or not. The outcome be it coffee baths, cell phones or friends in new relationships is absolutely totally out of our hands.

Thank you spirit.


  1. Sounds like you have been having a hairy time of it my dear. I would have been swearing to beat the band at BK. Great start to the day...I don't think!
    As for your conclusions re friend etc you are on the right track me thinks. Life is hard enough and one needs to make these changes every now and again.
    If you don't look after you Sweetheart, no one else will!
    here's hoping you have a great weekend. It is Friday morning here. :-)

  2. I don't have a cell phone and can't foresee ever having one. I prefer e-mail because it doesn't interrupt me at a critical moment and I can send an e-mail message to someone without worrying if I am sending it at a bad moment for them. They can look at and read the message when it is convenient for them.


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