Sunday, March 17, 2013

I have put it off long enough

I hate getting my financial records ready for my tax accountant. And for years I had myself to getting them to her by March 1st. You may notice we are 17 days past that time. I really have to get it done today. I owe no money so no doubt she will file an extension. That is cool because I am getting nothing back. In point of fact I really probably would not have to file this year.

But I have a business that made no profit in 2012 and a rental unit that I only got six months of rent for. But hopefully both of those things will change next year. And if they do and I didn't not file this year I will get audited. Point of fact it is probably only 30 minutes for the accountant of plugging in my numbers into the computer. And only a couple hours of me sorting receipts and finding out how much I did not make. That is the truly depressing part.

Admittedly 2013 is beginning better already. No, let me amend that. March 2013 has shown an uptick. And I have stopped buying art supplies every time I feel like it. Okay, Thursday I bought four archival ink pens. Shipping has gone up as I found out on Friday, and supplies are more expensive. And sitting down and sorting through receipts will make it clear I have to raise some prices, not include shipping in a sale, and again face whether or not it makes sense to be an artist and landlord.

That is the part I dread. And in the last couple of years with a down economy it has become painful. At one time I thought I was well buffered for "retirement" but lots of things have changed. The mutual funds went into the studio (and in part to a ruthless contractor from hell), and the art market that was my play money stopped supporting my play, and tenants started not being responsible and even more broke than me. I am looking at a reverse mortgage to be able to stay in my house long term.

And it isn't just me. Two of my friends are seeking a refinance to lower bills. One was turned down just recently. Yes, interest rates are low but willingness to lend money is low too. Though I have found out by talking to these friends that my land is worth a lot more than it was.

Yes, it is just one year of taxes I have to file. Yes, I have to consider just the receipts and expenses for 2012. But let us face it. This unfair requirement for people that make nothing just makes us angry because we know the 1% has someone else do this for them and they are bitching about a possible 2% tax increase at the expense of all the rest of us. Tax forms are so complex if you have a business that I do need someone to do them for me and paying that person becomes just another form of tax. What if none of us filed?

Oh, well, the only thing certain is death and taxes. I will put up a folding table in the studio among my plants and the sunshine through the windows and scatter the receipts about and sort while drinking too much green tea and allow myself more chocolate.

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