Monday, March 4, 2013

Still Missing

Still have not found my favorite battery powered emergency light. The lights were out for three hours. No news as to what caused it. The plane crash was not until much later after the high winds kicked in. Power outages in my neck of the woods happen generally because of weather and now and again a driver that runs off the road and downs a telephone pole.

Spring is one of those seasons when we are most likely to get outages because the snows are thick and heavy. But today it looks as if it is going to rain instead. In fact the air smells like spring. So to avoid stumbling around in the dark again I put the Dewalt flashlight back where it is suppose to be, and then decided to install the solar powered shed light in my living room. The needed hole to pass the charge wire through was there having been drilled by a previous cable company. So now there is a solar power mounted light on the wall just above my computer desk. No way am I taking that and putting it in the wrong place.

No emergency system works perfectly which is why there should always be a plan B and plan C. Shit happens and as Murphy explained in his famous laws usually at the worst possible time. My neighbor's expensive generator with the very pricey automatic transfer switch didn't transfer yesterday during the outage. I evidently, they found out after power came back on, had not been starting up daily to keep itself powered up (see reference yesterday to being sure the cell phone was charged), and they had not checked for three weeks. Note to self: All emergency plans need periodic review.

I think today I am going into my studio and work on clearing my mind. I am willing to bet the emergency light will be found where I have already looked but only when I am not looking for it any more.

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  1. Murphy's law does it all the time! I don't know where I'm at today. *Not a good day i'm afraid and I have the Dentist at 4pm.*


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