Saturday, March 30, 2013

God doesn't want your contingency plans

I had a rather different day planned yesterday. And I think everyone I met also had different plans bringing up the question as to why all doctor's offices close on Good Friday. Or Christmas Eve or 3th of July. There is even an an acknowledgement among medical professionals that those winding up in an emergency ward on a holiday or holiday eve may get less than best of care. Treat and street seems more common. And more critically ill patients will delay coming in until the first work day after a holiday when it could be too late.

Doctors, nurses and paramedics want time off. They are human and their families want to see them. So administrations at urgent care facilities and emergency wards juggle rotations to allow workers some time off to enjoy family events. At the same time holidays can be inherently dangerous times. Not just 4th of July with the fireworks or boating accidents. I was shocked some years back, when researching DWI crisis in New Mexico, to find out Good Friday could be one of the worst for alcohol induced car accidents. Not good.

But holidays can also be a time when we over indulge in food or exercise or stress. And it can be an excuse to delay seeing your doctor even if they are open. Mother was a classic, "I will go to the doctor after Christmas. I do not want to ruin the holiday."  She died on Thanksgiving, which was when I first heard the saying, "God does not want your contingency plans."

My head injury was on Christmas Eve. I came off of the CBT bubble (you can actually feel overly wonderful) on Christmas Day but told myself I would wait and go back to the doctor on Boxing Day. The good news is I did not die. We all probably know such stories or have lived them. I was just along for the ride yesterday. I played a role in convincing a friend they needed to not delay. My involvement did not stop me from identifying with those in the waiting room at the emergency ward. Whether prospective patient or relative, none of them wanted to be there. Some had obviously protested being dragged against their will to the hospital. I wondered which of them would not leave the way they had come.

I was out in the parking lot getting some air when the life flight helicopter started winding up its engines. The weather was rough and I found myself accessing whether I would want to be lifting off. I am sure the passenger was grateful for the extraordinary measures being taken to save his life following a car accident, but he was probably cursing his luck for ruining Easter for his family. If his family had survived the car wreck.

I had planned to do some garden prep yesterday after picking up some mulch and compost. Today the local landscaping and nursery stores are closed. And I don't think sobriety is going to be any better on Saturday of a holiday weekend than it was yesterday so I am staying home. I hope the staff at Holy Cross Hospital gets to have a boring day today.

Holy Cross Hospital Emergency Room Entrance

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  1. Sorry to hear your plans went agley, but I love your picture of the emergency entrance with that spacious sunny landscape in the background. Hope your friend will be alright.


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