Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maundy Thursday

Phoebe Reverent

The Thursday of Holy Week in the Catholic calendar is Maundy or Holy Thursday or Covenant Thursday or Great and Holy Thursday or Sheer Thursday or my favorite Thursday of Mysteries. That seems to go best with the name for yesterday which is Spy Wednesday. Thursday of Mysteries was when Jesus, per the new testament of the Bible, washed the feet of the poor and also the day of the last supper. Confess it. Didn't you think the Last Supper was on Friday? Why else would it be good Friday? He was crucified on Friday.

Now here is the mystery as I see it -- Maundy Thursday was not necessarily the Thursday that proceeded Good Friday. Because there was Judas and the priests (ever wonder why priests and not rabbis) and the Romans involved, trial and torture and mobs calling for the prophet to be put to death. So we need to add at least a week or two. Knowing the Bible 40 days probably came in there somewhere. They were way fond of 40 days in those days. The days when they wrote the Bible. But that was really years. Like the gospels were not written for a hundred years. So the Matthew, Luke, Mark and John were not four of the 12 Disciples. But you knew that, right?

So here is my really big question: If Good Friday is the day Jesus died on the cross why is Easter the following Sunday. If he rose on the third Day that would be Monday.

Never good to give me time to think about religion. We do not even want to get into the travels of Buddha. Or where Mohammad found the mountain or if the mountain found him. Or how many pairs of arms the Goddess Vishnu has. But I digress (and could digress for hours on just questions on beliefs).

I took the above picture of Phoebe, who I am considering worshiping, with a statue of Vishnu (only one pair of arms in this depiction) and the blood red Geraniums on Spy Wednesday. And that has what to do with holy week you ask. I am thinking of having it done in stained glass for my first temple of Phoebe? Lent has addled my mind? More likely but no.

It is all about intent and focus. Set your mind, consciously or unconsciously, on a task for 40 days and nights (46 in this instance) and reality is shaped by that intent or focus. So be it the mountain top of the Delhi Lama or the Last Supper in the Upper Room or the wilderness of a lot of prophets the magic is the intent. Our inner alignment with the universe. That is the great mystery.

Okay, so would you believe I was originally going to write this blog about at last having a tenant for my apartment?

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  1. I am going on; " Our inner alignment with the universe."

    I love the photo and yes, it would make a fantastic stained glass window or door feature.

    So you have a tenant at last. Joy joy!


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