Saturday, March 2, 2013

Take it Day by Day

Shadows of the Day

It occurs to me that if you are a Lama on top of a mountain or a monk in a monastery someone must be in charge of the day to day aspects of life beyond chopping wood and carrying water. Today was about paying some bills, realizing that I need to get my taxes ready to go to the preparer and trying to locate all my mortgage papers, appraisals and various property papers.

The latter took up so much of my time I did not get to the taxes. I thought I had all my mortgage papers in one place with other legal documentation. However, because of the lawsuit with the Contractor-from-Hell, I had pulled out various documents and forwarded it to my attorneys. I was sure they had given me back my copies at the end of the court case. And I was equally sure I had filed them back in some secure location. It was just that there could have been three or four places that made sense based on whether they went with legal documents, back in the original place, or stayed with all the other paper work on the lawsuit.

And it made infinite sense while weeding through ream after ream of paper we define our lives with to sort out some unnecessary chaff and to also organize more logically. I at last found the original appraisal and the original mortgage as well as the 2004 refinance. Then there were the building permits and plans for the studio addition. And a critical path timeline developed from all these documents. Rather like a forensic exploration.

I confess to throwing out vague guesses when asked as to how old the house is, etc. The well was drilled in 1981 which means the house was most likely built some time after that. I am guessing a few years as the builder built three duplexes in a row. Mine being the last but all wells were drilled at the same time. I bought it in November of 1996. I almost always say 1997 which was the year of my divorce but Marc and I did not divorce until the following year. I refinanced and re-drilled the well in '97 too. Busy year. I also tried to sue the seller as he had lied about the well. He was my first experience with the new inferior breed of Christian.

I began the studio and refurbished the rental unit in 2007 and finished the studio in 2009. All that stuff and balance on mortgage and square foot of the finished structure (2834) will be on the quizzes I will face as I try to obtain a reverse mortgage or refinance. I have an appointment with a HUD Counselor in Santa Fe on Wednesday.

Head injury was December 24, 2001 so I did need to study up. Cram even. It has made for a long but ultimately successful afternoon. I started a fire so I could burn those document copies I am weeding out from the lawsuit. Who needs a shredder with a wood stove?

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  1. Great you have got it sussed. Wish I had a wood burner.


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