Sunday, March 10, 2013

Recap of the Week Past

Mining Car by J. Binford-Bell

A friend asked how I was doing on my resolution to avoid personal status messages during Lent, and instead only post links and photographs - say it in pictures instead. And I think I have slipped a bit by adding to much comment in the form of a caption from time to time. There are only 20 more days of Lent so it is downhill from here. Not being able to dash out an emotionally charged status message on Facebook or Twitter makes for more consideration of what is really important. And I have noticed how much of all that is just automatic response like a well trained rat.

However, every once in a while I come upon a burning desire to share something. Like the winning of third place in a professional photography exhibit. Fortunately I was able to share that on my FanPage which I exempted from the Lenten agreement. Besides it was a professional post and not a personal one. Right.

Grande Dames of Valle Vidal

Artists I think have very poor boundaries between professional and personal. And maybe that is good. We are invested in our work.

I also finished a painting I had been working on for a very long time. Or not working on for a very long time. I have trouble with middles. My mother called it a lack of follow through. But I do follow through. Ultimately.

Ceremony by J. Binford-Bell

Sometimes ultimately just takes longer than others. There is I have found a direct correlation between the ultimate culmination and the difficulty of the problem. But also when I do finish I am that much more happy with the conclusion than with those that come easily. Ceremony and two other paintings were dropped off at the Old Pass Gallery this Friday when I went to pick up my photographs from the Ralph Solano Professional Exhibit and discovered I had won 3rd place.

Other high points of the week included finding out my cell phone has survived, getting a verbal commitment to rent on my apartment, and taking the first step on a reverse mortgage. On the downer side was the return of winter after several days of spring. But what I fixed for lunch or what the weather will be for that day (one of my slips) no longer seems so important.

And last night I began a drawing for a new painting. Rather off my usual subject matter but I tell myself it is good to challenge yourself from time to time. Maybe it just fits into that whole 40 days in the wilderness mind set. Forty-six this year.

One question I would love to post a status message on is: If your display driver stopped and recovered (NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver) is that a screen problem or a tower problem? My problem on Windows 7 problem?

Obviously Facebook status messages are about more than having lost 2.3 pounds in the last week.


  1. I would say all in all, you`ve had a good week. Congratulations on your win. I do love your painting but then again, I love all your paintings because I like your style. I love the colours and subjects. Always have.

    Glad the cell phone survived its experience. I lost a Nokia down the loo once and it survived and my son lost his Blackberry in about 20` of sea water after mooring. It stayed there overnight and a diver went down for it the following day. The battery was put into rice and the phone dried out. Open it up occasionally because even though it's working you have to check for corrosion.

    You have done amazingly well with blogging and keeping us all up to date with your interesting thoughts and observations. For my part, I am going through a very strange period. I am busier than I was before work wise (if that is possible) and am constantly tired and totally worn out. Getting up and gathering myself together is an effort. Once I`m at my desk I`m fine but the lead up is horrendous. I have never been like this before and it concerns me.

    Your Lenten journey is working well. Most of mine is also doing well but I just expected to lose a few more pounds with giving up alcohol during the week!!! Weekends as well was pushing it a bit!!!

  2. Good week! Your buffalo photo is, imho, one of your very best in its power and simplicity.

  3. I've missed your FB updates! (I've given up sugar for Lent and like the results!)
    Congrats on your stellar alway, love your artistic sharing of your works.

    1. I find I am missing my status updates too. Not too much longer. But it has been a great learning experience.


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