Sunday, March 24, 2013

Willow Sunday

Wee Willow and The Darkness
expressing surprise that this is Willow Sunday

It is Willow Sunday. No, not Wee Willow Sunday though she is inclined to think so. Willow as in the plant. The alternate name for Palm Sunday being Willow Sunday is news to me, but it certainly makes sense. Palms do not grow everywhere. And even in my mountainous area willows are present and often the first sign of life as we emerge from winter. Though today any willow stupid to be trying to leaf out would have frozen. It was three degrees last night. And at this time we have not gotten above freezing.

Fortunately I had only two remaining tasks on the rental unit. Both inside. Adjust a closet door and hang a ceiling fan in the master bedroom. When my late ex-husband and I worked electrical construction together I got the ceiling fans. Actually I got most of trim out while Marc tied in the main panel. There is only two really important things to know about installing ceiling fans (or any light fixture to a lessor extent) 1) be sure the switch is turned off and 2) do not read the directions. However, do not toss the directions because you may need to refer to the pictures and diagrams.

All ceiling fans and light fixtures are made in China or Mexico these days. And they do not speak English let alone write it. The diagrams have a chance of being wrong and pictures a greater chance of being wrong, and under no circumstances rely on the photo on the outside of the box. This ceiling fan box very clearly noted that I need three light bulbs that were not included and showed a diagram of a large base bulb. Wrong. It took the little base candelabra bulbs. And it was a ceiling hugger inside the box but a stemmed fan on the box.

Installation went swimmingly in spite of these issues until the light fixture addition. It was then I noticed I had forgotten rule one. (see paragraph two) But other than the day has been without incident. Closet doors no longer bind and the ceiling fan works. That is why the switch was on. I was doing a test of connections before the time consuming installation of blades.

Still and all it went faster than yesterday's repair of my Windows Operating System. Seems Windows update had given me a corrupted NAVID file. Corrupted files cause a variety of cascade problems. But a friend had recommended to fix windows issues. Their program works but like the ceiling fixture story it is wise to not follow their directions. There is some sort of disconnect between the nerds that designed this wizard program and the sales and marketing people that did the directions. Like maybe the latter had never used a computer.

I double checked today to be sure I was out of Mercury in Retrograde. We are, but maybe I am not. The good news is that the computer, like the ceiling fan, works in spite of the directions. And it is only six more days to the end of Lent and I can return to ranting in my status box on FB instead of long blogs.

Hope you are having a happy Willow Sunday. Willow tells me she is.

BTW in some Chinese prison there is a 1/10th scale model of the US capital building being built out of the screws robbed from every ceiling fan and light fixture box before sealing and shipping.


  1. Don't you dare stop your long blogs, *please*. I enjoy reading them and getting to know you more. I cancelled FB as I did not like it.
    Great that you have finished the work on your rental, now for someone really nice to move in, pay on a regular basis and look after the place.
    Thank for mentioning Windows update, myself and a friend are having problems and couldn't figure out why.
    We are getting closer to our winter and starting to notice the changes that brings.
    Hope you have a great week Babe.


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