Agonizing Reappraisal Time


Must be getting close to primary time because I got a survey call. I love polls if they are the national ones like Gallup. A well constructed political can make you think. My parents were Democrat, in college I was a communist (or so my relatives from the Midwest believed), some of them were right of Atilla the Hun.

I have been a registered Democrat since 2016 because I lie in a state with closed primaries. Before the next I will register Republican because I want to help choose who will run against our little Democratic Napoleon. She made the mistake of call arts non-essential and has done nothing to make up for the damage she and Covid did to destroy them. My party choices in New Mexico are Green, Independent, Democrat, and Republican. I know I am none of those.

I want an open primary so I do not have to choose who I am voting for until I walk into the booth. Then I would love to also be able to "split the ticket."

First question I was asked on this poll last night was what party do you belong to. I am at this moment registered Democrat. But I am not Democrat. Do you have a none of the above option? Sadly no.

Do you believe in the labor movement? Yes, the one going on informally at the moment totally but no if you are talking UAW. Only yes or no. No, depends?

How do you feel about the infrastructure bill. That is easy, Yes. I could hear a sign of relief from her.

Hard and soft infrastructure? Well, not totally. 

About then I decided I really have to be more understanding of Senator Manchin but not of Sinema. She is a total ditz. 

All I want for Christmas is a new political party I can agree with 2/3'rd of the time. And who does not believe in Christmas. Maybe embraces Sister Raven.


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