Learned My Lesson


The theory about FaceBook detention is we are suppose to meditate on our sins and become better citizens. It was the same course of action my parents believed worked. And it did not. Any time I was sent to my room without supper I just divorced myself one step further away from my family.

I came to a more or less complete separation from my brother when Dad locked the two of us in a hotel room in Texas because we were not talking to each other. He had not noticed we had not really talked to each other for close to ten years. In the hotel room, to avoid being sent off to private and military school, we agreed to 25 words. Those worked until our mother's funeral after which I never had to talk to him again.

The first few days of this last FB detention I began looking closely at what I truly would miss about FB if kicked off forever.

1) Only about 1/3 of the people on my friend's list. And one of those died this week.

2) Being able to keep up with about only half of those is essential. Or waving at. Somewhere I have that list of 25 words my brother and I agreed on.

3) Groups of in-the-neighborhood friends like my Dog Gone Park and ArtsUp.

4) Road conditions and fire danger warnings.

5) Public service announcements.

I would have once said my business pages but Facebook seems to have made them impossible with the creation of the Business Suite. After thinking about it I am going to move my Fabric Arts to Etsy. And seriously look at a website for Binford-Bell Studio. And I may re-activate my Twitter account now that they acted responsibly as regards the former guy. It will help me direct traffic to Etsy and my blogs on Blogspot, and a future website.

I will keep my Facebook presence but never again post anything other than an emoji or photograph or a link to a blog. NO WORDS. It is the words which get you in trouble even if it does not make sense. I am staying on FB because there are no other choices out there even if the Former guy is trying to begin one. I have friends here I have been with since Y!360 which is 30 years now this December. And FB seems to be necessary to have messenger which I like. During my incarcerations I have learned I can have meaningful conversations there. I deleted Instagram because you totally cannot.

FB will be my telephone book. Remember those. When you had to pay extra to have your telephone number kept secret? 

Zuckerberg you have taken all the joy from social media. I will sit quietly on the sidelines and watch what happens, but I am not participating any more. I learned my lesson. You are wrong. Not me.


  1. I switched most of my online to Etsy. I have no desire to support Bezos. Y360 was the best site of all times for blogging and otherwise. You'll have to say a few words or come up with a code sign for reading your blog, though. I go to the sites that are engrained as habits. Without reminders, I don't check much of anything else. Maybe sometime someone will develop a kick-ass social networking site that bleeds out Facebook.

  2. Bezos supports my rural lifestyle but Zuckerberg endangers it. Should be a utility like broadband internet. Yes, Y360 was wonderful and I have had blogspot since it died.


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